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Goodwill’s Careers Plus Group Mentoring is designed to increase youth’s self-awareness, job readiness and post-secondary preparation through group formatted mentoring. Mentors meet with a group of 3-5 youth on a weekly basis in a classroom setting. This program offers mentors and mentees an opportunity to connect on a personal level while sharing career related experiences and guidance.

Mentoring location:

Jefferson High School on Wednesdays 8 am-9 am or 11 am-12 pm

What will be covered during the mentoring session:

Mentors and students will work weekly on a variety of topics relating to job readiness, post secondary preparedness and self-awareness. These sessions may include lessons focusing on interviewing and networking skills, career exploration, goal setting, time management, applying to college and job opportunities etc. In addition to the curriculum based sessions, once a month, mentors will meet one on one with their mentees to provide targeted support and coaching around issues that their mentees might be facing.

Outcomes of mentoring:

Our hope is that students will develop a positive relationship with a caring adult that leads them to increased levels of self-confidence, perseverance and self-advocacy skills. Additionally, we hope that the combination of the weekly curriculum and exposure to mentor experiences will help give our participants the tools they need to be successful in their future endeavors be they career or post-secondary focused.

Requirements for mentors:

1. Commit to attending weekly, hour long classroom mentoring on a very regular basis (at least 80% of the time).

2. Commit to mentoring for at least two semesters.

3. Attend a training/orientation prior to mentoring. If a group is volunteering we can bring the orientation to you! Training dates and times below (All trainings will be held at the Mile High United Way building at 711 Park Ave West, Denver CO 80205, suite 310)

  • Tuesday August 18th from 11AM-1PM
  • Thursday August 20th from 6PM-8PM
  • Thursday August 27th from 6PM-8PM
  • Thursday September 16th from 6PM-8PM
  • Friday September 18th from 11:30PM-1:30PM

4. Complete an application, interview and background screening.

5. Be respectful of mentees’ perspectives.

6. Comfort and ability to facilitate group discussions in a classroom environment.

If you are interested in more information on Careers Plus group mentoring contact Mark Tapy at or (303) 929-0622

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