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Goal 1: Family Health

Children and families will be safe, healthy and well supported

One of the biggest roadblocks in 80214 is the lack of affordable housing. Many of our families on a tight budget find it hard to secure stable housing in the 80214 area. The indicator we use to measure family income is the percentage of students who receive free or reduced lunch rates. To receive reduced lunch rates, a family of four will make less than $44,955 a year and to receive free lunch rates a family of four will make less than $31,590 a year. Given the current median multi-family monthly rental rate of $1,331, families that receive free lunch rates would be spending half of their monthly income on rent.  The stresses of an inadequate amount of family income have a large impact on success in the classroom.

Median Multi-Family Rental Rates in 80214

Median Home Price in 80214

Housing Impacts on Neighborhood Schools

The enrollment at each of the neighborhood schools in the 80214 area is down this school year versus the 2015-2016 school year. Principals and school staff have heard from many families that the lack of affordable housing is the reason for having to transition out of the area to another school. Families are moving to Adams County and Aurora to find affordable housing but some even have to leave the state.

The red area on map below shows the highest concentration of where Jefferson Jr/Sr High students live in Edgewater and Lakewood.

As residents of the neighborhood know, the areas where families currently live are mostly rentals. This means families are at risk of becoming victims of rising rents over the next few years.


Free/Reduced Lunch Rates in 80214 Schools