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In December, Jeffco Schools announced plans to reorganize some of our focus schools in an effort to raise student achievement. They are calling this the “Jefferson Plan” and efforts to receive parent, teacher and community input continue this week.

As we have communicated, it is important to confront the brutal facts about student achievement in our area, but also focus on fixing the problem instead of blaming others. It is also very important to involve parents and teachers as well as the community in what this plan will look like in our schools.

Three Jefferson Area Community Meetings have been planned for this month and are open to all parents, teachers and community members. Last month the first Community Meeting was held at Wheat Ridge 5-8 on December 18. Here are the details on these meetings from Jeffco Schools:

January 6 – 6-8 pm at Edgewater Elementary School

January 8 – 6-8 pm at Jefferson High School

January 15 – 8-10 am at Lumberg Elementary School

These three meetings are focused on gathering input on the Jefferson Plan. If parents, teachers and community members are unable to attend one of these meetings, Jeffco Schools leaders have communicated that the meetings recorded and available for online viewing.

Click here for the Jeffco Schools letter announcing these Community Meetings (Spanish version).

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