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One of the foundational practices of this cradle to career collective impact work is using data to drive our decisions. We use data as a flashlight to see what is working well and scale up these successes.

Each fall we release a Community Report showing the student achievement and community level data for the milestone goals that we are tracking. This year’s Community Report is the baseline and in successive years we will be measuring growth on these outcomes.

On Monday, November 14 the 2016 Community Report was unveiled online here along with video stories of impact. We have also planned a couple of opportunities for community members to hear presentations of the report and ask questions. Feel free to attend and hear more about how we can work together to see all kids in 80214 succeed from cradle to career.

Edgewater Community Meeting

Monday, November 14
7 pm at the Jefferson Junior/Senior High Library
2305 Pierce Street, Edgewater

West Colfax Community Association

Wednesday, November 16
7:30-9 am at EDGE Theater
1560 Teller Street, Lakewood

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